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COVID-19 Update February 2022

Further to the Government’s announcement on the 21st of February 2022, stating the removal of all of England’s coronavirus rules, we would like to reassure you that we continue to do everything we can to keep our patients & staff safe. We confirm that guidance for dental care remains, for the time being, that we continue with the standard operating procedures currently in place. We understand that this may seem out of step with the rules for general public, we will continue to review & update cross infection controls as our guidance changes.


  • Sanitise your hands
  • Ensure you are wearing a face mask
  • Ring the bell at the door & wait for us to come down to greet you so that we may complete our screening process.
  • All patients must answer our screening questions before we are able to treat them.
  • We ask you not to arrive early for your appointment to minimise contact between patients.


  • We ask you to attend alone unless you need support or are attending with your child under 16 years
  • We have adopted an online system to allow for contactless administration so that you can fill in all the relevant forms digitally before you enter the practice & reduce touch points at the practice.
  • As you leave the practice, we will ask that you pay by card where possible.

If you have any concerns or questions, we are here to help, please contact us on 01386 853800.

Mark & the team Broadway Dental Care

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Mark Howe

Advanced Treatments

Gum Care

Treatments routinely available include techniques to improve the health of your gums and combat the damage created by bleeding or painful gums (an early sign of gum disease).

Cosmetic Dentistry

For those people who are concerned about the colour or shape of their teeth we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments for both teeth and gums including crowns, tooth whitening, veneers, bridges and tooth coloured fillings. Recent improvements in ceramics allow us to provide crowns that not only look more natural but also function more in harmony with your other teeth.

Restorative Dentistry

Additionally we offer those people who have missing teeth, modern restorative treatments to improve both the cosmetic result and their ability to chew comfortably. This we can achieve by using conventional bridgework, sticky bridges, high quality removable dentures or titanium implants.


We construct dentures to a standard where only you and we should know they are not real teeth. This involves selecting the correct size of tooth and placing it in its correct anatomical position to give the appearance that it has always been there. We find it extremely helpful to work from photographs of how teeth looked before they were lost. Problems relating to loose and illfitting dentures can also be dealt with.

Dental Implants

The implant technology available to us now makes it possible to provide you with teeth where previously only dentures were available or large amounts of potentially damaging bridgework. Implants also allow us to stabilise loose full dentures where all other treatments have provided unsatisfactory.

Minor Oral Surgery

We are able to offer removal of teeth, roots and other minor surgical procedures in house. The gentler a tooth can be removed the quicker healing can take place with less discomfort afterwards.

Anxiety Clinics

If you are very nervous about dental treatment, please feel free to discuss it with us. Most times you can be treated with a large dose of tender loving care which is much safer than sedatives or general anaesthesia.

Infection Control

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of the practice. The majority of the materials we use are single use only, such as gloves, bibs, and suction equipment. We have the latest sterilising equipment that ensures all our instruments are in sterile pouches or wraps and stay that way until they need to be used.

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Useful Links

Straumann Implants

The Group manufactures implant system components and instruments in Switzerland and the US and dental tissue regeneration products in Sweden. Our restorative products are manufactured in Europe and the US.

CT dent

A service we can refer patients to for detailed scans in more complex cases

EAO information for patients booklet

Information on dental implants, materials, results and processes.

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